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Many Lives, Many Masters (boek)

In his book Many Lives, Many Masters, a group of highly evolved souls calling themselves The Masters, first contacted Dr. Brian Weiss through his patient Catherine. They spoke of past lives. Learn more about Dr. Brian Weiss.

“We choose when we will come into our physical state and when we will leave. We know when we have accomplished what we were sent down here to accomplish. We know when the time is up, and you will accept your death. For you know that you can get nothing more out of this life.

“When you have time, when you have had the time to rest and re-energize your soul, you are allowed to choose your re-entry back into the physical state. Those people who hesitate, who are not sure of their return here, they might lose their chance that was given them, a chance to fulfill what they must when they’re in the physical state.”

I have reread those words by the Masters many times, and thought about the current state of our world. The vibrational energy of our planet is growing lower and lower and if we continue to destroy our fragile planet by destroying forests and our oxygen sources, polluting our water and oceans, and destroying plants and animals to near extinction, how will new souls be able to survive and evolve spiritually in such a world? And consider this: If and when you reincarnate again, you will be one of these children. As reincarnated ATLANTEANS who lived thousands of years ago, we had advanced technology, but there was also greed and materialism. We have returned now to clear the Karma of Atlantis. You see, there are other types of Karma—countries, cities, and continents. We now have a comfortable, spoiled existence and it’s easy to sit back and do nothing and think others will make the changes for us. But we can’t. The clock is ticking, and even if some of the Earth changes are part of a natural cycle, we still have to make an effort to undo the harm we have caused Earth or we will not have the physical bodies to be reborn in. It’s true we can still grow on the spiritual side once we have died, but the greater growth is in the physical body. Speak up and let your voices be heard by writing to your Congress, your leaders, even President Trump and urge him to start honoring Earth and cleaning up our mess. It’s not too late to make a difference.

Wishing everyone a bright future. Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year.

Betsey Lewis

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